Chowing At Asian Box Palo Alto

Asian Box Palo Alto

Intrepid eater that I am, I had to stop by to see what’s all the buzz about the newly opened Asian Box in Palo Alto. Well, that and I happened to be near their location in the Town and Country Village on business around lunchtime. As usual, I was super hungry and I needed something quick but still fresh and healthy.

Enter Asian Box.

Inspired by the food and flavors of street stalls in Asian and using local and sustainable ingredients, your customized to-go box is made to order from various options – a base of rice, salad or rice noodles, a choice of protein, choice of wok steamed or wok spiced vegetables, toppings and house-made sauces. Everything is vegan except the obvious animal items, and the No-Oil Fish Sauce. And it’s all gluten-free too!

Asian Box Palo Alto

My box had Rice Noodles with Coconut Curry Tofu, Wok Spiced Vegetables, All Box Toppers (jalapenos, bean sprouts, peanuts, herbs, pickled veggies, lime, etc) except the Caramel Egg and Miss Jones’ Sriracha sauce for $6.95. I also got a side of Tofu Spring Rolls for $3.25 (told you I was super hungry).

So good! I love the layering of all the different flavors, it’s very fresh tasting and very quick. Although I may have beaten the lunch crowd in, as I was leaving hordes of cars and students from the high school across the street were swarming into the area.

Ordering at the counter, the people are super friendly and patient in explaining the different options. With their open kitchen, you can see your food being prepared and Executive Chef Grace Nguyen, formerly of the famed Slanted Door and Out The Door, in action.

The overall decor is modern and minimalist with its one long table inside but there’s also seating available outside. It’s definitely more of a to-go kind of a place with eco-friendly packaging I should add. It’s fast food eating at its best.

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