Chipotle Sofritas

Sofritas Burrito Bowl From Chipotle

Last week I tried sofritas, the new shredded tofu option that Chipotle is testing out. I’m happy to report it’s really good. And no wonder, the organic, non-GMO tofu is supplied by a local Oakland-based Hodo Soy Beanery. Maybe that’s why the seven test locations are all in the Bay Area.

I got a burrito bowl with brown rice, fresh tomato salsa, the tomatillo green chili salsa as well as the red, guacamole and romaine lettuce. I pushed aside some of the guacamole and lettuce so you can see the tofu there on the left side. Braised with chipotle chilies, roasted poblanos and spices, the tofu has a very nice savory taste and a meaty texture.

I asked the counter people how long the sofritas will be available but they didn’t know. Just that if it does well, they’ll keep it on the menu. If you’re nearby and thinking of trying it, it’s probably best to do it sooner rather than later.

The chosen Chiptole restaurants with sofritas:
525 Market Street, San Francisco
121 Fourth Street, San Francisco
126 New Montgomery St., San Francisco
2019 Chess Drive, San Mateo
251 East 3rd Ave., San Mateo
180 El Camino Real, Palo Alto
135 El Camino Real, Millbrae


  1. in2insight says

    That alone would get me back in Chiptole.
    Here is hoping that it takes off and finds its way into more of the chains restaurants.

    Thanks for the heads up, great review, and yummy photo!

  2. Maritza says

    How lucky!!! I hope it goes nationwide, but I doubt it. I am in Georgia, and people in the meat-loving south look at you like you are crazy not to eat meat, much less meatless options. I got stopped once at a drive thru and the server said they had never met a vegetarian. Enjoy the tofu. Hopefully the trend will come this way soon.

  3. says

    I’ll pass this along to my son in San Francisco. It sounds really good! I’m having some friends come for dinner this weekend and am planning to serve Mexican food — will have to look up recipes for sofritas.

  4. Don says

    The shift manager of the Chipotle in SF where I’ve been getting Sofritas said last week that they’ll be rolling them out nationwide. He didn’t give a timetable, but he did say it was a go. (I think I was the first person to order them at that Chipotle (first day they were available), because several staff members stopped by my table while I was eating and asked me what I thought of them.) I thought it was pretty quick to make a decision (two-three weeks), but I hope what I heard is correct and they can make this happen soon.

    I’ve been going twice a week for the last three weeks in an effort to encourage them to make them a permanent part of the menu. If they do become permanent, I’ll add Chipotle to my rotation of regular dining options instead of just going there infrequently.

  5. Sandy says

    I am not a vegetarian and usually would not eat soy or tofu. I tried the sofritas and loved it. I now have the salad with just lettuce and sofritas with no dressing and it is awesome, healthy and lots of protein. For all you skeptics (I was one) try it.

  6. Hunter says

    I’m sure I’ll try Chipotle’s new meatless option, though my first reaction is: What took them so long? and… They may actually be too late to the market with this since so many people(vegan, vegetarian and meat eaters) no longer want to eat products made with soy. I know that I rarely eat tofu anymore, soy milk never(prefer almond milk or rice milk). I realize that some of you will think I am being too critical of Chipotle, but it never settled very well with me that they started out as a McDonalds company, and most of their current success is due to McDonlads huge trucking/distribution network and the millions McDonalds put into advertising in the first years. Remember all of the billboards in cities? The full page ads in weeklys in every major city and college town? It was like a Ben & Jerry’s with a rich aunt funding a start-up. Back top my gripe about them being late to the market: the sandwich chain Subway has offered a garden burger type vegan patty for several years, and many major burger chains have had garden burgers for a long time too. Even Denny’s has carried the Boca Burger for at least 4 years. Perhaps I’m just saying that Chipotle is moving at a slower speed than the other chains. I still eat there often. I work all over the US and only eat at a few national chains: Chipotle, Pei Wei asian diner, and Panera. I stopped eating at the Chipotle near the Univ. of Arizona in Tucson because they still have not repaired the hot water faucet in men’s room. Think about it: the male employees have no where to wash their hands with hot water after using restroom, until they re-enter the kitchen and can use a sink where food is washed and prepped. Disgusting!

  7. Deb says

    I live in the northeast and would love a vegan option here… As for people not eating soy, that is not my experience! I think people are eating less texturized soy protein but tofu is fine (and my vegan friends are still eating plenty of it!). I hope this goes nationwide! I do like Chipotle but would love something other than black bean bowls…


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