Black and Blue Cookie From Eclair Bakery

Black and Blue Cookie From Eclair Bakery

Ever heard of a black and blue cookie? Me neither.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I got one when I was down south visiting family. It’s from Eclair Bakery, a cute little place in the downtown village of Arroyo Grande (a small Central Coast town about halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles).

I stopped in to see what they had in way of vegan treats and on that day it was a cupcake (I don’t remember the flavor) or a black and blue cookie. Deciding between the two, the cookie sounded much more interesting than the cupcake. The black part is a chocolate chocolate chip cookie; the blue part is blueberries. Together, it’s a black and blue cookie (I love the name).

I enjoyed every last crumb of it. The edges were a little on the crisp side but soft in the center. I’ve always liked the combo of blueberry and chocolate. It reminds me of my blueberry brownies but in a yummy cookie form.

It’s so nice to know I can pop in for a vegan treat whenever I’m in town visiting. If you ever find yourself cruising up or down the Central Coast, it’s an easy exit off of the 101. And if you give them advance notice, they can whip up other vegan treats too. I can’t wait to be back later this month.


  1. Erica Rose says

    Give a holler if you’re coming about an hour or so south of AG. I live in Santa Barbara and would love to meet up!

  2. in2insight says

    omg, that is my hood!
    had no idea they had vegan treats. will check it out today!
    just another, of many, reason I love reading this blog.

  3. says

    I love the name, too. I can’t say I’ve ever had a cookie like that but it looks delicious. And your post has made me decide to add some chocolate chips to the blueberry cake I’ll be making today.

  4. says

    Finding blueberries in a cookie is pretty unusual as it is! It’s a shame fewer people think of them as cookie add-ins, they’re one of my favorite berries. This sounds wonderful!

  5. chow says

    Erica Rose – Will do, I haven’t been to Santa Barbara in years. :-)

    in2insight – I grew up in AG and visit often enough to know there’s hardly anything vegan there. So happy to have found the bakery.

    Andrea – Chocolate chips sound like a great addition to the blueberry cake. Mmmm, blueberry cake!

    Hannah – I can’t believe I haven’t heard of blueberries in cookies before as it taste great.

  6. says

    Hi everybody! I’m the weirdo who made up the Black & Blue! I just want to say how encouraging this is to read all these comments and the review on the treat. Thank you so so so much!

  7. chow says

    Kielly Lewis – Weirdo or not, the cookie was awesome! :-) I would love to see more creative vegan treats like that.

  8. Dennis says

    I love this cookie. I walked in for my family of five and they had 5 left. Guess how many I bought. So delicious. Easily the best tasting vegan cookie ever. And I eat a lot of vegan cookies. Uncle Eddies, Trader Joes, i bake my own and this is the richest non dry super sweet double chocolate cookie. Reminds me of a ‘Death by Chocolate’ type of dessert because it has so much flavor. In fact they are open today and I work only a mile away. Think I am dropping by….

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