Vegan Donuts At Whole Foods

Vegan Donuts At Whole Foods

I never knew Whole Foods had vegan donuts. I spotted them the other day in the display case over at the baked goods section. I haven’t had a donut in years.

I debated whether or not I should get one. I went to the gym earlier in the morning, so I could have one. Or two. Right?

Posh Bakery supplies the donuts to Whole Foods in the Bay Area. All-natural, they’re the cake kind with icing on top. There’s quite a few flavors to select from, I went nostalgic and got the Maple and Chocolate ones.

They’re actually pretty good, taste is just like a regular donut, slightly greasy and all. They seem fresh and they’re the right size, about three inches in diameter. Not too big and not too small.

Seeing as I won’t be making my own anything soon, it’s a totally affordable treat at .99 each.


  1. josh says

    Natural? As in made with GMO flour and oil? Dough conditioners? I would put that in my mouth. Whole foods’ Posh donuts are made with cheap ingredients, thats a fact. They are OK, just OK. As far as all-natural, thats a stretch! Thanks

  2. says

    I was kind of obsessed with vegan doughnuts for about a month after moving to the Bay Area. The ones at WF do seem very much to me like the ones I ate before going vegan. I should add that I don’t really have any health requirements from my doughnuts. I am completely at peace with a doughnut being a little greasy gut-bomb filled with things I don’t eat on a daily basis. If it were otherwise, I’d probably eat them on a daily basis!

    If you go again, make sure to get the crumb doughnut. That is truly where it’s at.

  3. vixedvegans says

    I’d say the best vegan donuts, flavor-wise, are the Larsen Bakery Bavarian Cream Filled Donuts available through Vegan Essentials. Slightly warmed with chocolate frosting… they make the perfect treat.

  4. says

    Oh yeah, i saw these at the Columbus Circle WF in NYC and was drooling. Too bad there was SUCH a long line for the cash. On another trip, I found myself at the Bowery Street WF but I was completely distracted by the freshly made vegan pizza, freshly baked vegan chocolate chip cookies and the hot food bar. Basically, I lived out of there for several days. Best WF ever, not that I’ve been to that many, but still. Wish we had WF in Montreal.

  5. says

    I don’t usually go for doughnuts so probably wouldn’t notice them at Whole Foods. I have, however, on a few occasions, had doughnuts from Might-O Donuts (all vegan) in Seattle. Abigail S. Bean eased my mind about eating them by explaining that if you cut them into smaller pieces, all the calories fall out. I know this is true. :)

  6. says

    Why do I feel like everyone has a better Whole Food’s than me? Jeez, and now with the vegan donuts… Those look crazy good! The texture seems spot-on, at least.

  7. Ashley says

    OMG I just moved to the Sacramento area and my Whole Foods has these,as well. THEY ARE AAAAAMMAAAAZZZZING!!! I was friggin stoked when I saw them.

  8. Jennifer says

    I tried these jelly filled donuts at our whole foods in Jacksonville, they were so good.
    Just like eating a regular donut.
    Next time I went I ordered a dozen and froze them so I could have a few on the weekends.
    Lately they haven’t carried them.
    Please bring them back Whole Foods!

  9. Bill Martin says

    These are good donuts. They used to get their bagels from Peeples Donuts. Peeple’s has the usual spin about non GMO, organic, and so forth, but they are not worth paying triple the price.
    Face it, Donuts are bad for you regardless if they are vegan, and full of normal bakery ingredients. They are just like the croissants and scones from your local chic chic French bakery. Do not eat them every other day, maybe once a week. If you are going to consume saturated fats, it might as well be vegan. Buy Whole Foods vegan Posh donuts.

  10. chow says

    lynny – I have no idea, I haven’t had one of their donuts in awhile. I don’t remember it being labelled as gluten free. But maybe ask the bakery dept to check for you?


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