Vegan Dining At Disneyland

Vegan Dining at Disneyland

What’s a trip to Southern California, without a stop at Disneyland? In the land of the mouse, vegan eating is possible but it’s also a bit “hit and miss” too, depending on where you end up eating.

Miss: After inquiring about vegan options at Tomorrowland’s Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port, the most they can offer is either plain pasta with just the marinara sauce (they won’t add fresh tomatoes or olive oil or anything extra) or a side salad with raspberry vinaigrette (the only vegan dressing).

I went with the salad ($3.99), it wasn’t terribly exciting or super tasty but at least it was fresh. Since it’s counter service, it seemed like they were limited in how much they could customized a dish.

Hit: I had much better luck at dinner over at Café Orléans in New Orleans Square. The pommes frites ($4.99) tossed with garlic and parsley, without the cheese, were awesome. So good! They arrived at the table nice and hot.

The Creole Ratatouille ($13.99) without the corn cakes and cheese is vegan, pictured above. It’s a savory vegetable ragout with tomato, eggplant, red onion, bell pepper, squash, zucchini and fresh garlic. Seasoned to be a bit on the spicy side. The asparagus on top had a smokiness to it – that was my favorite part.

Hit: Almost a miss at Carnation Cafe in Main Street USA, I was going to get the veggie melt without the cheese or mayo, but the pretzel bread that it came on is not vegan.

Happily, the waitress offered a bowl of vegetable soup that is vegan. The soup was pretty tasty with big chunks of vegetables and not too salty at all. Instead of the non-vegan bread roll, I got a bunch of crackers. At $5.50 for a bowl, it was definitely a hit and a way better choice than the sandwich. But since it wasn’t on the menu, I don’t know if it’s a regular offering. It might have been the cafe’s soup du jour.

Vegan Dining at Disneyland

Hit: A hit over at Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square, located beneath the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. As a kid, I always thought the people eating there were just part of the ride. I never knew it was an actual restaurant where you can eat. You’ll need reservations to eat there, but you can eat there.

The Portobello Mushrooms and Couscous Maque Choux ($27.99) pictured above is the only vegetable entree on the menu and is vegan. Instead of one measly mushroom, it’s a stack of three portobellos marinated in a balsamic vinaigrette and then broiled. Served with roasted corn and bell pepper couscous and sautéed spinach. Delicious and filling but pricey. Then again, you’re probably paying for the ambiance which is very nice but dark.

I would have to say, in all, it was a good dining experience at Disneyland. All of the food service people were very helpful and super nice. I had the best luck and food at the full service places, most likely because the kitchen can cook to order at those places.

My take is if you’re going to eat at the counter service places, you might as well bring your own sandwiches and snacks. If you want the whole experience of dining at Disneyland, enjoy a meal at one of the full service places.

Vegan Dining At Disneyland Revisited – new post for August 2010


  1. says

    There’s an amazing vegan gumbo served in a sourdough bread bowl at one of the counter service restaurants in New Orleans Square. It’s just a couple doors down from Blue Bayou. If I’d known you were headed to Disneyland, I would’ve given you the heads up!

  2. says

    The vegan gumbo is really good but you get more bread bowl than gumbo. You can always eat at the restaurants right outside the park where the stores and then go back into the park.

  3. says

    yes the gumbo is really good, but there isn’t a lot of it! also, i’ve heard there’s vegan ice cream somewhere in disneyland, but i couldn’t find it when i went!

  4. chow says

    Carrie – Thanks! It was tasty!

    Vegyogini – Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to look for the gumbo next time.

    meghan – Sorry to hear that, what a bummer. The waiter was actually the one that suggested to leave off the cheese so I could have some of the fries.

    dreamin’itvegan – I think I would rather have more gumbo than bread. :-) That’s a good idea to eat outside of the park. Thanks!

    Nora – Vegan ice cream! I didn’t see that either. I did find Dryer’s frozen fruit bars though.

    Hannah – Me too!

  5. says

    Thanks for documenting your Disney eats! Last time I went I had a rough time and ended up eating a bunch of snacks in the hotel room. I went to Blue Bayou too and requested a vegan meal, and I think maybe they didn’t have that portobello dish on the menu then because the chef came out and talked to me and made a whole special meal. It was great!

  6. Raqui says

    The vegan “ice cream” may be the frozen whipped pineapple juice at the Dole cart in front of the Tikki Room. Dreaming about it now…. Yum!

  7. Dieting@Disneyland says

    Does anyone know how many calories are in these dishes? I’m trying to keep on track for my family vaccation next week…

  8. chow says

    I have no idea on the calories. Your best bet is probably to contact Disneyland directly. But I would think veggies without too much sauces or dressings wouldn’t be too bad. And there’s fresh fruit too.

  9. natty says

    Vegetable Po’ Boy Sandwich – Served on a soft baguette with southern baked beans and choice of one cold dish. – $12.99

    I’d presume the bread has dairy in it unless it’s sourdough, i’d call Disney and asked. I’ve read that the beans are vegan though that disney uses.

    They also serve veggie burgers at the hungry bear resturant

    as well as peanut butter sandwiches at the Golden horseshoe, stagedoor cafe and River Belle Terrace ..not sure what type of bread they use though…probably white which has eggs.

  10. Alison C. says

    When I went in 2008, they had vegetable skewers at a food stand (mostly meat at this place – a bbq of some sort, I think) right across from the Jungle Safari ride (I think it’s called). It was really good, from what I remember!

  11. chow says

    natty – Thanks for the info on the po’ boy sandwich!

    Julia – Thanks! You’re right. Things that are listed as non-dairy usually have casein or something in it.

    Alison C. – Thanks for the tip!

  12. Angee says

    About the veggie burgers, they are not vegan. Which is a HUGE bummer because I loved them before I was vegan. I believe the bun has milk in it and we never got it confirmed that the pattie was vegan. The other things are great ideas though! The po’boy is delicious and we were told it is vegan. There are several soups that are vegan including a veggie chili that is served by the hungry bear restaurant. The mexican places can custom make food too. We love Disneyland so we ask often about food choices.

  13. chow says

    Angee – Thanks for the info, I had a feeling the veggie burgers might not be vegan. I gotta try that po’boy. :-)

  14. smallu says

    Thanks so much for the info. I’m heading there in October and your experience will really help me navigate the food while I’m there!

  15. Lil_LaDy says

    I’m not sure if the Veggie Po’boy at the River Belle Terrance is vegan. It’s made of onion, carrots, and zucchini mix in ketchup and bqq sauce. You can ask for a sample taste ;) The main bread that is serve isn’t vegan, but the restraunt does offer gluten free bread upon request. You can also request to speak with the chef at any restraunt & the person will review ingredients with you because I know some gluten free bread contains Niacin. It just takes a while to make. Cost wise it’s $12.99.

    The vegetable skewers food stand is call Bengal BBQ, in frontierland across from the Indiana Jones ride.

  16. Lil_LaDy says

    I think the only peanut better & jelly sandwiches that are serve at the park is the smuckers uncrustables & they aren’t vegan.

  17. Debi Walker says

    I “loved” the veggie po’boy. It was such a nice surprise to find! What isn’t vegan about the bread?

  18. Lil_LaDy says

    You know… I’m not to sure because I’m not vegan, but my friend is and I was trying to find some vegan places that she could possibly eat at while enjoying Disneyland. I asked her if all gluten free bread vegan & she said no. She said some gluten free bread contains Niacin. I’m not to sure what that is, but for her I know she won’t eat it bread that contains that ingredient. She’s pretty committed to the whole vegan aspect & I respect her for that .^__^

  19. chow says

    Lil_LaDy – Goggled Niacin, it’s a B vitamin. Its commercial source is synthetic, also found in things like legumes and whole cereals. It’s typically vegan.

  20. rebekah says

    My husband is vegan and always on the look out! We visit disneyland often, there is a Mexican place in down town Disney (across the way of house of blues) that has vegan options! The gumbo is his fsvorite also! And there is an app called “Disney dinning” if gives list of restaurants, menus and prices to help plan meals!

  21. Ashleigh says

    Hey guys! Just so you know, they just redid the menu over at carnation cafe on main street, they now have a completely vegan burger! the patty is just black beans and vegetables and its amazing! its served on a vegan bread with veganaise :) Also! Over at big thunder ranch, you can request a bbq sqewer that is tofu, squash, and a variety of other vegetables :)

  22. chow says

    Ashleigh – Thanks so much for the update! I haven’t been back to Disneyland in a couple of years, it’s good to hear they’ve included more vegan options. :-)

  23. Lilu says

    Heh, great for a vegan that’s not allergic to peppers or mushrooms. I feel completely hopeless looking at the menus, and there’s no way for me to call ahead because we’re going to be dining “on the fly” (not by my choice). I am soooo screwed.

  24. chow says

    Lilu – Your best bet is probably the sit down places, where there’s a chef that can customize something for you. You can also bring your own food too. :-)


  1. […] If you eat it with the regular bread, this dish is only vegetarian. It was reported in the comments on the source website (follows), though, that an alternate gluten free bread option is available, which may or may not be vegan. When in New Orleans, I never had the opportunity to eat a Po’Boy as a vegetarian. But Disneyland is where magic happens, right? (source) […]

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