Giuseppe’s Cucina Italiana Pismo Beach

Quinoa Farro Salad

Eating out as a large family is a constant challenge with everyone’s likes and dislikes, will eat and won’t eat. But now we have a new favorite for when we’re all together down on the central California coast, where there’s something good for everyone, Giuseppe’s Cucina Italiana in Pismo Beach.

When it was first suggested as a dining option, I didn’t have much hope but called the restaurant anyways to ask about menu options that can easily be made vegan. I was delighted to hear that any of the salads can be made without the cheese and that the pizza dough is vegan.

I’ve eaten there three times now, each time I’ve gotten the salad off the specials-for-tonight menu. Pictured above is from the most recent visit, the quinoa farro salad without the cheese. It was huge. I didn’t expect it to be quite so large and only managed to make a small dent. No one wanted to help me eat it, because you know, it’s “healthy”. I don’t care, it’s more for me.

Vegetable Pizza

I also got a pizza with no cheese, just vegetables. It’s not on the menu but the chef just puts on whatever veggies that are available that night. It’s been different each time I’ve ordered it, summer veggies vs winter, but it’s always comes out great.

I’ve often wondered though, after calling the first time about vegan options, do you call again each time you plan on eating there? Or do you just assume they can make something vegan as they’ve done it before? I usually just assume unless I haven’t eaten there for a long time.

The service really was outstanding and very accommodating (we had a lot of special requests at our table and it wasn’t all me). The setting is casual, cozy, a bit on the small side so when they’re busy, there can be a wait. But it’s totally worth it.

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  1. says

    I love restaurants that offer vegan options (sometimes a separate vegan menu), so that way they can accommodate everyone, especially with food allergens. Giuseppe’s Cucina Italiana sounds like a great place to go with friends, families, and omnivores. That pizza looks delicious, simple ingredients are the best! I always contact the non-vegetarian restaurants in advance about vegan options, sometimes staff and menu are different and it doesn’t hurt to ask and confirm, plus you get extra attention ;) Have a great weekend!

  2. says

    How great that you’ve found a restaurant where everyone can find something to eat. Sometimes I dread going out to eat with a crowd because I know I’ll probably be munching lettuce so the others can have their favorite meat. It’s nice that you can each find something worth sinking your teeth into. Isn’t it funny how no matter how delicious a dish is, there are people who won’t eat it because it’s vegan, or “healthy.” I agree with Rika that it’s probably best to call ahead, though I don’t like to do it.

  3. says

    Restaurants that can accommodate eaters of all stripes really are gems when you can find them. My family also has very diverse, specific (read: picky) tastes, so I wish there were more places like this. We could sure use one around here!

  4. says

    The pizza looks delicious! I love creating my own vegan pizza at Italian restaurants. I’d call if I’ve never been there before but usually I’d assume if I’ve been there once or twice. Sometimes however, I wonder if it’d be too awkward to bring my own vegan cheese and ask the chef to use if for my topping… heheh haven’t had the guts to do it as yet.

  5. Jennifer says

    I stumbled across a recipe of yours on Pinterest and made it this evening… Wanting to check out your website more, see you’re on the Central Coast! I’m in Los Osos and am so happy to have found your blog and local restaurant reviews!!!!!

  6. says

    I sometimes call the restaurant in advance but I don’t think I’ve done it for the second time. Now you make me think whether I should have. But at times even without calling, they have been accommodating, depends on the restaurant. Some were even impressive with the quality of the service. But then I guess it also depends how busy they are. But without a doubt, I’d be happy with a salad like this one here and a veggie pizza at an authentic Italian restaurant!

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