Manresa Bread Project

Manresa Pumpernickel Rye Bread

Is it bad to eat nothing but bread for lunch? And for dinner too? This is what happens when you get a loaf of bread from Manresa, a Michelin two-star restaurant in Los Gatos, California.

Dubbed the Manresa Bread Project, they’ve been selling their restaurant bread at the Campbell farmer’s market. And they recently opened up a booth at the California Avenue Palo Alto farmer’s market. I’ve seen the long lines and thought “What’s that all about?” But loaded down with fruit and veggies for the week, I had no desire to wait in line to find out.

Then, one fine morning, I happened to be in front of the booth without such a line. Now’s my chance to see what’s all the fuss. All of their bread is vegan except for the brioche and obviously, anything with cheese.

I got the pumpernickel rye for 8 bucks. Taking the paper bag, I was surprised at the hefty weight (1 pound and 8 1/2 ounces). Looking into the bag, it’s not a large loaf by any means, only 4 x 4 x 4 inches. Hmmm, it seems to be quite heavy for its size, I hope I didn’t just spend 8 dollars on a brick.

I heaved the loaf home and have a slice. Packed full of seeds, as you can see, but it’s not dense tasting at all. In fact, it’s flavorful and delicious. I may be biased though as rye is my favorite type of bread. I thought I would make sandwiches but it’s good just by itself all on its own. Hence, lunch and dinner.

P.S. I had a slice as a snack too.


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    Wow, that is an expensive loaf. I’m glad to hear it was worth the extra though – rye bread is always a thing of wonder. Did you eat it plain, or put it to work in sandwiches? Have you tried any of the other loaves since?

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    Pumpernickel rye is my favourite bread too! I don’t get a good quality at my local supermarket though and it’s always got a hefty price tag at the health store. But I think for time to time it’s ok pamper yourself! :)

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    Hell no, bread is absolutely yum for any time of the day. Back in Paris, we snack on fresh baguette and seeded bread few times a day with all sorts of things from veggie soup to a lovely creamy tahini-based hummus. Yum, I adore all sorts of rye bread and the seedy ones, but that photo you took of looks utterly flavorsome! Hope you had a festive holiday, m’dear!

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