Voodoo Van

Voodoo Van Vegan Seitan Sandwich

While there’s been an increase in the number of food trucks near me, I haven’t seen all that many with good vegan options. Some have nothing at all, some are so close with a vegetarian option but it might as well be nothing.

Then there’s Voodoo Van with their Mister Sister vegan seitan sandwich – spicy sweet jerk marinated seitan topped with red onions. It’s tangy, meaty and filling, I washed it all down with a cucumber soda.

The only problem is they’re not closer to me on a regular basis, I never even heard of Voodoo Van until I spotted their food truck at this year’s Sunset Magazine Celebration. The weekend festival is like an open house at Sunset Magazine’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

You can tour their test kitchen, check out various presentations, exhibits and products. There was an outdoor/backyard oven manufacturer handing out pizza samples fresh out of their oven. Luckily, I got there just in time for a slice that had just olive oil and rosemary. So good, I could have eaten the whole thing for lunch but I didn’t want to gobble up all their samples.

Plus I would have missed out one mighty tasty seitan sandwich.


  1. says

    I suppose having one vegan food truck nearby is better than none, but too bad some of the others can’t take the extra step to make their vegetarian food vegan. Does Voodoo have a full menu of cool vegan food?

  2. chow says

    Andrea – I probably should have been clearer in the post. Voodoo Van isn’t a vegan food truck, it’s just that their seitan sandwich can be made vegan. They have other meaty and vegetarian things which is great when eating with a group of people. :-)

  3. says

    The world definitely should have more vegan food trucks…I’d love to see one cruise through my neighborhood! Heck I’d love to see someone wheeling a weber grill down my street with freshly made veggie burgers sizzling away…no truck required! :)

  4. says

    OMG, this is so exciting! I might actually be able to check this fabulous truck out, since I’m finally in the SF bay area. Hey, I’ll be here for two months, so if you’re nearby, it would be awesome to meetup! :)

  5. Barbara Davidge says

    I love a veg food truck, we are up in Portland right now and yesterday discovered “The Whole Bowl” truck. They have a vegetarian bowl that can be veganized, it is **ah-mazing** with the secret sauce called Tali sauce. Check it out if you are ever up in PDX. I will keep an eye peeled for Voodoo Van.

  6. says

    We have a Voodoo Doughnut here In Oregon, hehe and tons of vegan food trucks in Portland (but where I live doesn’t). I don’t get the name, “Voodoo”, but that seitan sandwich looks darn tasty! A cucumber soda? Did they make their own soda and did it taste good and refreshing? I wish my city has more vegan food trucks, there was one here, but it converted to a full-service restaurant. Thanks for sharing your experience @ Voodoo Van, I will keep an eye out on this one!

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