Nom Nom Truck Tofu Tacos

Nom Nom Truck Tofu Taco

I’m a little late to the food truck scene only because there wasn’t any conveniently located close by me. Then a few started appearing in the parking lot at Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos and now there’s like a herd of food trucks there each Wednesday – a rotating mix of various trucks, some with veggie options, some with nothing vegan.

One of them, happens to be the Nom Nom Truck. Ever since rooting for Nom Nom on The Great Food Truck Race, I’ve been wanting to eat there. Finally, I had my chance. Asked what’s vegan, I got two vegetarian tofu tacos without the spicy aioli for six bucks.

Nom Nom Truck Tofu Tacos

Alarmed at first, I thought I had mistakenly gotten chicken. Upon closer examination, it was marinated tofu with a nice meaty texture. Piled into two soft tortillas and topped with pickled veggies and fresh cilantro.

If it wasn’t so windy and cold on that particular day, I would have eaten the tacos right then and there. As it was, I went home and made my own spicy aioli out of Vegenaise and Sriracha sauce (bottom photo). Nom, nom, nom!

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  1. says

    I was also cheering for the Nom Noms, though it seems like forever ago when that show first aired! Glad that they’re still around, still cooking up a storm, and serving awesome food at that. If only they had multiple trucks to cover more the the country!

  2. says

    I’m so envious of the whole food truck thing, all of the food looks so fresh and amazing.
    The tacos look great too – however, were they a little light on tofu? I guess it’s always hard to fit things into those wraps.

  3. says

    The tacos look wonderful! I wanted Nom Nom to win on The Great Food Truck Race too. I love the vegan mayonnaise and sriracha sauce combination. It is good on just about anything.

  4. chow says

    Andrea – The tofu was quite yummy. I could go for a couple right now myself. :-)

    India-leigh – Yes, but wasn’t onion, I think it was daikon, a Japanese radish and there was cucumbers too. All of the flavors went well together.

    Hannah – It does seem like forever, not only is the Nom Nom truck still around but they’re in LA and SF now.

    Mattheworbit – I know, I was so glad to finally have food trucks close enough to try. Actually there was more tofu, it’s hard to see in the photos as it was on the bottom.

    Kathy – Yes, I have to refrain myself from putting vegan mayo and sriracha on everything.

  5. says

    Hi, this post got me interested with regards to Nom Nom’s so i checked out their website. I must say, their selection of food(noms)really looks so fresh and good to eat. Can’t wait to get hold of these nice looking tacos, given that they use tofu and not any other meat substitute. By the way, can you share that spicy aioli sauce you’ve made? Thanks!

  6. chow says

    Vegetarian – I just mixed vegan mayo and sriracha sauce together for a quick spicy aioli. It’s actually good on all sorts of things. :-)

  7. says

    Color me green with envy! Those are some great looking tacos. I love the double layer of corn tortillas, and the tofu looks delicious.

  8. says

    YUM! These look very tasty! I need to check out a few of the vegan food trucks they have near me (in southern California) I always tell myself I need to go try them out but I never do. Looks like an awesome lunch!


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