Seven Vegetables Quinoa with Harissa

Seven Vegetables Quinoa with Harissa

Today, I made quinoa. It’s been on my list of things to cook for awhile but I didn’t have the right equipment. Quinoa should be rinsed before cooking but I only had an itty-bitty fine mesh strainer which would have taken forever.

So with a proper sized strainer purchased, I’m finally ready to give it a go. I went with this recipe for Seven-Vegetable Couscous With Chunky Onion Harissa from But instead of couscous, I used quinoa. Since they’re kinda similar, I figured it would be just as good if not better.

I did make a few tweaks – carrots instead of butternut squash (not in season right now). Reduced the amount of oil called for in the recipe and I cooked the quinoa separately in a fuzzy logic rice cooker.

Seven Vegetables Quinoa with Harissa

You gotta make the harissa, it adds even more flavor and totally makes the dish. I only made half since the recipe makes a lot. I also gave the garlic and onion a quick sauté (in the recipe it’s raw).

I’ve eaten the couscous version quite a few times over the years and it’s great. But the quinoa really ramps up the nutrition for an awesome one dish meal complete with protein. It’s how I’ll be making it from now on.


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    Thanks for sharing this recipe — especially the harissa. If it tastes half as good as it looks in your photos, it will be a winner.

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    i do love how high in protein (and low in carbs) quinoa is – it’s one of my favorite grains! i must admit dan and i haven’t made any lately – we have some red quinoa in the cabinet and should really cook some up! i don’t know that i’ve ever had harissa before, but it looks awesome, sounds great, and i’m willing to give it a go! thanks for the great recipe!

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