Evol Burritos

Evol Burritos

Remember Brendan Synnott from Survivor: Tocantins? It was the season that aired early last year. At the time, I had no idea he co-founded Bear Naked Granola which was later sold. He then went on to co-startup evol burritos.

After Brendan got booted off the show, he offered up free evol burritos to Survivor viewers. After all this time, I finally received a coupon for said burrito.

In their lineup of eleven, there’s two that are vegan. The first one I tried was the Tofu and Spinach Sauté – tofu sautéed with spinach, potatoes, black beans and tomato salsa in a whole wheat tortilla. It had a southwestern kind of flavor.

Inside, there was one big chunk of tofu and one big chunk of potato, mixed in with everything. I don’t know if that was just the one I got or if they’re all like that. Maybe it was because they’re handmade. But it was well-seasoned and the taste was good.

Evol Burritos

The other vegan option is the Veggie Fajita – sautéed peppers and onions, rice, black beans and salsa in a whole wheat tortilla (pictured above). It’s more colorful but not as flavorful as the tofu and spinach one. It just taste like peppers, rice and beans. It seems like it needs something.

For me, the real question is how does the evol burritos stack up against my favorite Amy’s burritos? There’s no contest between evol’s Veggie Fajita versus Amy’s Non-Dairy Bean and Rice. Amy’s kicks butt. Sorry Brendan.

But on the bright side, it’s a draw between the Tofu and Spinach Sauté versus Amy’s Indian Spinach Tofu wrap. They both have tofu and spinach in a whole wheat tortilla but each has a totally different taste and flavor. I could go for either one.


  1. Amy says

    I’ve seen those burritos at whole foods and wondered if they were any good. I’ll have to try the tofu one now. Thanks for the review!

  2. says

    Wow — is there no limit to the things one learns from reading blogs? Now, if only I could remember who Brendan Synnott is. (I love your burrito photo.)

  3. says

    Ohmygosh. You are officially my new favorite blogger for mentioning Survivor. I live and breathe Survivor. hahah

    oh, and those burritos look good too, I guess…

  4. says

    I’m glad you posted on these – I just noticed them at whole foods yesterday while I was picking up some Amy’s burritos and I wondered if they were any good. I think I will try them next time!

  5. Hannah says

    I’ve only been able to find the veggie fajita version so far, but I agree with you 100%. Also, I though there was wayy too much wrap- I felt like I was just eating one super thick tortilla much of the time!

  6. says

    I just found your blog and fell in love with it! My sister and I recently became vegan and its nice to find recipes and suggestions on blogs. I was especially excited to discover that Sprinkles has a red velvet vegan cupcake–I so LOVE you for that one!

  7. Anthony says

    I’d been buying the Amy’s burritos but after trying these I won’t buy Amy’s again. These just seemed fresher and they don’t bust open in the microwave.

  8. benjie says

    i emailed evol about the enriched flour tortilla of the spinach tofu burrito. they claim all of their tortillas are “vegetarian”. do you consider enriched flour to be vegan?

  9. chow says

    benjie – Where do you see enriched flour tortilla? I looked at evol’s website and they list out the ingredients of the tortilla.

    You can always get an Amy’s burrito. :-)

  10. sophie says

    not sure where you are based, but have you checked out Sweet Earth Burritos? they are flavorful, fresh, and full of great ingredients. they have a few vegan options.

    i believe they sell them refrigerated now which is great because they taste fresher when reheated than frozen ones. i have seen them throughout the greater bay area of california in stores like whole foods.

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